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i’m Holly.

Years of
About Me

Award-Winning Communicator

Science Translator

Understands and distills complex scientific concepts into clear and accessible language for diverse audiences using engaging and informative multimedia.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Creative and resilient opportunity seeker and innovator with a desire to solve problems and create value for customers, readers, and employees.

Leadership and Execution

Utilizes a strategy of careful planning, attention to detail, and effective communication to ensure successful completion of complex campaigns and projects.

Customer Focus

Interacts with and compiles feedback from the public to create and launch communication strategies that inspire audiences while navigating a complex political landscape.

Strategy Development

Leverages Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and analytics tools to orchestrate strategic initiatives, spearhead team collaboration, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Science & Environmental Storytelling

I distill complex climate science into “snackable” content. Over the last decade-plus, I’ve directed, written, edited, produced, and/or advised on various digital campaigns and products about our changing planet, both personally and professionally.

Audience Growth

While I can’t promise virality, I specialize in steadily growing online communities, whether they’re on social media or subscribed to a newsletter.

Writing & Editing

I came out of the womb a writer and editor, as might be evident on this website and beyond. I write online content of various sorts, from mini social media campaigns to long-form blog posts. I also have a knack for reviewing written content for readability and accuracy.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This is a work in progress, but I’m continually learning how to incorporate DEI elements into digital products. Examples include regular 508 compliance scans on websites, improving image alt text, creating color blind-friendly graphics, translating climate content into other languages, and teaching myself American Sign Language (ASL).

Data Management

Professionally, I maintain data streams of Earth’s “vital signs” on climate.nasa.gov, such as atmospheric carbon dioxide, global temperature, sea level rise, and ice sheet melt. This data comes from multiple sources and requires someone to keep them current.

Small Team Management

In my current role, I direct interns, contractors, and web developers on everyday tasks; run complex projects involving multidisciplinary teams; coordinate with other NASA centers on producing climate change content; and run regular team meetings.

My Experience

May 2014-Present
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Web Producer & Social Media Specialist

Help maintain the highly visible and award-winning government website climate.nasa.gov — a portal dedicated to accurate and timely climate change information — along with its companion social media channels. Also contribute to sealevel.nasa.gov.

July 2012-May 2014
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Communication Graduate Student II

Served as editorial assistant for JPL’s Climate Change Communications team while attending graduate school, performing most of climate.nasa.gov’s daily responsibilities reliably and proactively, but with more guidance and supervision.

March 2012-Sept 2012
Social Media & Marketing Intern

Promoted a parenting/baby sign language company on social media, highlighting the benefits of taking the organization’s classes for improving early parent-child communication.

June 2011-Aug 2011
Farmers Insurance
Information Technology Intern

Helped the Account Management Solutions Department’s Testing Center of Excellence oversee 15 software testing projects by creating reporting templates for offshore testers and preparing PowerPoint presentations, among other tasks.

June 2010-Sept2010
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Climate Change Communications Summer Hire

Began professional career in public outreach by supporting NASA’s Climate Change Communications team. Tasks included collecting Earth satellite imagery for three-online slideshow videos, writing blog posts, interviewing scientists, and producing a mini documentary entitled “Gen Y on Climate Change.”


My Greatest Hits

This section is a work in progress, but please explore my portfolio and make yourself at home ;-).

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