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On the media below, I was the lead producer, lead writer, lead editor, or a combination of the three. Explore each section below for more information.

8 Things to Know About Climate Change and Wildfires

I was the lead producer on this slideshow explaining the latest science behind wildfires and their relation to human-caused climate change. This campaign was timed with wildfire season of 2022. I put together the three-person team, the writer being Karin Kirk and the graphic designer being Allie Braun. Metrics show that this was one of our best Instagram campaigns in terms of reach and engagement.

The UN Biodiversity Conference

I’m a proud vegan, so the biodiversity crisis is particularly important to me. Since we had some NASA representation at this annual conference for the first time in 2022, I took it upon myself to write a slideshow acknowledging why this event exists and why it matters. I was the lead producer and writer, and graphic design credit goes to Allie Braun.

Fast Facts for Climate Conversations

This is our annual Thanksgiving slideshow. I was the lead producer and writer, and Allie Braun was the graphic designer. We have qualitative data to show that our audience appreciates this annual post, which aims to aid people in their conversations with relatives who might deny the science behind global heating.

What Is COP27, and Why Does It Matter?

This was our contribution to the annual climate conference in 2022. The goal was to have a voice in the conversation and to explain the event’s purpose to those who might be unfamiliar. I was the lead producer, while Karin Kirk was the lead writer and Allie Braun the graphic designer.

Temperature vs Solar Activity

Available in both English and Spanish, this graphic, which sometimes appears in mainstream media, shows the weak relationship between today’s global heating and solar activity throughout the years. It counters the common climate denial argument that the sun is causing today’s climate change. I was the lead producer on this project.